Congestion-free WiFi starts now.

Meet the world's best router for apartments, busy neighborhoods, and crowded areas. The Portal Smart WiFi router keeps all of your devices lightning fast all day long -- even when lots of people and devices nearby try to slow down your Internet.

 Portal WiFi

Do what you want, when
you want

Like you, Portal can think for itself. While other routers are stuck with limited channels in two bands, Portal intelligently unlocks new Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channels. Portal calls them FastLanes, you'll call them awesome. Next time you stream, surf, or game Portal will get you the fastest connection, even when lots of people and devices are nearby.

PortalWiFi - do what you want
 Portal WiFi

Cord-cutters welcome

You set up Portal with it's friendly app and minutes later you'll be streaming your favorite content. Portal has advanced features to ensure lag-free gaming and premium-quality streaming for all of your favorite platforms including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Plex, Spotify, and Twitch. Portal's friendly app and advanced features make it a must-have for cord-cutters.

PortalWiFi in the Media
 Portal WiFi

Break free
from dead zones

Say goodbye to range extenders and overpriced WiFi Systems. One Portal covers 3,000 ft2 with throughput far beyond most WiFi Systems. If you have dead zones in your large or multi-story home simply add another Portal using its built-in Mesh 2.0. This doubles your coverage to 6,000 ft2. Portal has your home covered.

PortalWiFi Distance Chart

PortalWiDi - Break Free
 Portal WiFi

Privacy First, Security Second To None

Portal values privacy. That's why it doesn't cookie you or require that you set up a personal profile. Instead, Portal's secure app puts privacy controls back in your hands. Plus it encrypts your whole network with enterprise-grade WPA2 security to protect everyone in your home from real-time threats.