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"The Internet is the core of our digital lives. It's frustrating when it's slow or unreliable."

We set out to fix this problem. Portal is our solution.

Our founders are engineers who worked as pioneers in wireless and wired communications at the leading providers of WiFi technology. Having designed eight generations of WiFi routers, they realized the most common cause of a poor Internet experience is the invisible traffic jam around our home WiFi networks. The problem is driven by an increasing number of WiFi devices and an increasing demand for more media-rich content—and it's only getting worse.

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We created elegant technologies like agile radios, spectrum-smart adaptive algorithms and cloud-based network learning and self-optimization, and packed them into a completely new kind of wireless router.

Portal cuts through and steers around congestion and interference to deliver a consistently fast and reliable UltraHD Internet experience in even the most crowded environments. We made it incredibly easy to set up, use and manage because we believe that your router shouldn't get in the way of an awesome Internet experience.