Easy. Smart.
Different. WiFi.

On the outside, it looks like a simple device with a friendly app. Deep down it's a boldly engineered Smart WiFi router that's different by design. It was created to unlock new speed and reliability when lots of people and devices are nearby. Meet Portal, WiFi like never before.

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Portal router drastically improved
my Wi-Fi connection.

The Portal router is a high-performance, affordable router that anyone can take advantage of right out of the box.

The Portal is a fast, intuitive, cutting-edge router with tricks its competitors
don't have.

Portal's trick is that
it can run on
unclogged airwaves.

Forget about
congested networks and
molasses-slow speeds.

Is this the best WiFi router ever?

WiFi wars are over,
Portal emerges the
undisputed winner.

Effortless WiFi Starts Now

Some say the more confusing a router's name the more difficult it is to use. Other routers celebrate names like "XD9000{insert buzzword here}", but Portal likes to keep things simple. That's why Portal is easy to say and easy to use. Enjoy more of your favorite streaming, surfing, and gaming activities effortlessly.

PortalWiFi Router
 Portal WiFi

Outsmart the competition, together

Like you, Portal can think for itself. As soon as you plug it in, Portal automatically adapts to your home. It locates the cleanest channel to deliver uninterrupted Internet. It's self-optimizing software makes sure all of your devices stay connected to the fastest WiFi even when lots of people are nearby. Portal is a new Smart WiFi router. You'll learn that when you test Portal yourself.

 Portal WiFi

New Channels =
You Win

More people and more devices means more WiFi congestion. Congestion causes slower Internet for you. That's where Portal's patented FastLanes technology comes in. It opens up new WiFi channels and automatically moves your devices onto the fastest one. Engineers call it Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS). Portal calls it life in the fast lane.