Biggest WiFi Breakthrough in 15 Years

Consistently fast, always reliable and really simple


WiFi Everywhere

Internal arrays of powerful antennas and the ability to expand puts an end to dead spots and limited coverage


WiFi That’s Secure and Private

Enterprise-grade security that protects your network and your privacy


Built For Today’s Crowded and Demanding Urban Environments

The primary cause of WiFi being slow and unreliable is overcrowding of the shared public radio airwaves that all WiFi devices must compete to use. Portal is a WiFi system unlike any other. Designed specifically for challenging, crowded urban environments, Portal delivers a consistent, ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, enterprise-grade wireless Internet experience.

Next Generation WiFi Technology

  • 3X More Radio Capacity

    FastLanes Technology lets you use exclusive protected radio channels to eliminate the crowding and congestion that is increasingly common with WiFi.

  • Smart Traffic Steering

    SmartLanes directs traffic from your WiFi devices around any congestion and interference. It also makes your network self-optimize traffic flows to keep things moving.

  • Superior Coverage & Range

    Portal’s elegant design integrates nine innovative and powerful internal antennas arranged in arrays to support the latest radio techniques like MU-MIMO and beamforming for even longer distance. For extremely large homes, additional Portals can be easily added to ensure complete coverage.

  • Enterprise-Grade Security & Advanced Privacy

    Portal combines the security and privacy capabilities of iOS or Android devices with those of WiFi. This results in your network being much more robust against anyone trying to hack it. Portal also protects your family’s privacy with things like continual intrusion detection, geo-fencing and ID obfuscation.

  • A New Approach to Internet Access Points

    Routers don’t need to be unsightly to work well. We designed Portal to better fit with your life and your home. The ugly antennas are “folded” inside the sporty case. Intelligence within Portal dynamically focuses the antennas to provide the best possible signal path to and from the router.

  • Frustration-Free Setup and Admin

    Portal gives you easy guided setup on iOS or Android. We leverage Bluetooth technology to automatically locate Portal and provide all of the initial configuration information. Once Portal knows your smartphone information, it uses this for added security, reporting alerts, remote network monitoring, parental control and location-based guest access. Or, use the browser interface if you want to manually configure your Portal.

  • Cloud-Based Authentication and Security

    Never reset your network password again. Cloud-based authentication provides Portal users with improved security, including dynamic, adaptive guest virtual access. Set the duration and depth of network access for a specific guest and our authentication protocols automatically verify and authorize them to join a virtual network every time they’re within range of your network. When they leave, Portal shuts down their virtual network and re-establishes their virtual network when they return.

A Grandma's Story With Her Portal

... and how it changed her entire apartment building.

Simple and Secure Using Your Smartphone

Control your Portal from anywhere
Guest Access
Awesome Support

"The Portal is a fast, intuitive, cutting-edge router with tricks its competitors simply don’t have."
"Nearly Bulletproof WiFi"
"This router uses radar detection to boost WiFi speeds"
"Portal's trick is that it can run on unclogged airwaves"