Enjoy more with faster WiFi.

Enjoy more with faster WiFi.

Portal is a new breed of smart WiFi system that keeps you connected to the strongest, fastest WiFi at all times, especially when there are a lot of other WiFi networks or many devices around you.

Portal in the press

"...high-performance, affordable router that anyone can take advantage of right out of the box."

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"Portal drastically improved (73X) my WiFi performance!"

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"Dead-simple setup"

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Fuller House, Slower WiFi

Other WiFi Networks Slow you down

The primary cause of slow and unreliable WiFi is overcrowding. In your home, all of your (and your neighbor’s) WiFi devices compete to use the same radio airways, and if you see 5 or more WiFi neighbors you have bad congestion. It’s like trying to drive during rush hour. Your WiFi is in a traffic jam.

Other WiFi Networks Slow You Down

Portal Bypasses Other WiFi Networks

Portal bypasses other WiFi networks keeping you fast

Unlike other WiFi networks Portal uses four exclusive FastLanes™ - these lanes are like carpool HOV or FasTrak lanes which let you speed past your neighborhood when everyone is streaming videos or gaming at the same time.

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